IAGF – The International Association for Generalized Functions – was created in April 2012, with the aim of promoting research in the mathematical field of Generalized Functions. This is done through a series of activities for bringing together researchers from different groups, creating resources for information, dissemination and documentation.

The aims of the Association are to

  • advance and promote the theories and applications of generalized functions;
  • disseminate the usefulness of the theories of generalized functions in a wide range of applied fields;
  • promote contacts and exchange information among scientists and practitioners in different fields and from different countries interested in the theories and applications of generalized functions, and coordinate their activities.

In order to achieve these aims, the Association

  • coordinates a series of international conferences, called International Conference on Generalized Functions (abbreviated to ICGF), normally taking place biennially every even year, but at least every four years;
  • coordinates special sections on generalized functions in conferences of mathematical analysis, as for example the biannual ISAAC congress;
  • organizes meetings and courses on topics related to generalized functions;
  • arranges the editing and publication of the ICGF proceedings, as well as scientific books in the field of generalized functions;
  • hosts and maintains a website that allows people interested in generalized functions to communicate research and other information relevant to the Association’s aims with one another and the broader community;
  • encourages its Members to act as (Associate) Editors for scientific journals that are interested in publishing papers on generalized functions.

Download the Articles of IAGF.